I am sitting beside a couple breaking up right now.

I am in a Pret a Manger downtown, so they are clearly meeting on their lunch break. He is telling her that he need to take 10 days to think about things and SHE needs to decide what she wants. Obviously the break is contrary to his interests, but he thinks it just makes sense for them to take these few days so she can… » 11/21/14 2:45pm Friday 2:45pm

NO. My former BFF found herself in this situation at least 3 times I can recall. She told the wife or girlfriend every time, and every time it went badly for her. At first the wives would believe her and almost bond with her a bit... But the they'd go with the guy they had known and trusted for a few years, especially… » 11/21/14 12:55am Friday 12:55am

Oooh girl, awkward. I would respond as though you assume he is making a joke and he is aware that you two work together. Something like, "And here I was hoping I wouldn't run into anyone from work on here! Hope you get to take some time off for Thanksgiving even though it's always crazy at the office." » 11/20/14 9:12pm Thursday 9:12pm

Get it looked at! I know a dude who popped a large ingrown hair down around his junk and ended up hospitalized with a staph infection! It was a serious situation, apparently. Better to be safe! Especially because yours was so old it likely is a cyst and may be pretty deep! » 11/20/14 4:45pm Thursday 4:45pm

Shopping public service announcement!

Everyone thinks of doing their holiday shopping on or after Black Friday, but that is a mistake if you are shopping for clothes! I always buy my mother a little wardrobe update for Christmas. I have found post-Black Friday online shopping for clothes for her to be completely fruitless because sizes and colors are all… » 11/20/14 2:33pm Thursday 2:33pm

This guy who lived in my old neighborhood trained his dog to walk with him to Dunkin Donuts without a leash, then he'd tie her up outside while he got coffee and breakfast, and she'd walk home behind him with the bag of food in her mouth and not eat it. Less feminist because she was in the servitude of a man, but… » 11/18/14 12:33pm Tuesday 12:33pm

I was a cheerleader and was in great shape. I understand why there are cardio classes based on cheerleading. It is nonstop movement. We also did strength training so that we would be strong enough to lift girls during stunts, and we were constantly stretching. » 11/17/14 10:28am 11/17/14 10:28am

Movember is ruining my sex life. TMI warning!

Movember is ruining my sex life. For those of you who aren't familiar, in November, men grow mustaches to raise awareness for men's health issues like prostate cancer. It is very popular among my husband's set, a group of people we refer to as "hipster adjacent" - the type of people who own record players but live in… » 11/15/14 2:15pm 11/15/14 2:15pm