the neighborhood was borne of points and crazies! There was an article in the Reader years ago ago about the history of Uptown. There was a large state mental health facility in Uptown that closed either during the Great Depression or WWII, and residents were scattered across the neighborhood. It stayed cheap and… » 10/31/14 12:57am Yesterday 12:57am

I understand the compulsion to look "your best" in photos, but oftentimes a woman's actual best and what she perceives to be her best because of wedding magazines and Pinterest are quite divergent. Assuming that a wedding diet is a universal experience is sadly exclusive of people who liked themselves enough to get… » 10/31/14 12:36am Yesterday 12:36am

I like to check out the Omnivore blog on There is a link to Omnivore at the top of the Book Forum homepage. It has roundups of links all on a connected theme, and the links span a variety of sources from scholarly articles to Salon and other blogs. The past few days' themes have had stuff on US foreign… » 10/28/14 10:00pm Tuesday 10:00pm

My husband had a work social event all afternoon and instead of coming home to walk the dog and do the Sunday dishes he was supposed to do, he went out. After being out all afternoon. I got home before he did and I worked and then worked on a benefit party I have later in the week. I am now eating alone at Chipotle so… » 10/28/14 8:59pm Tuesday 8:59pm

I dated a man on and off for about 3 years in my 20's. He was 14 years older than I was but slept on a mattress on the floor and was a freelance writer. He treated me like garbage and I ate it up because I had no self worth at the time. He'd say things like he just couldn't love me because there was just something… » 10/24/14 9:11am 10/24/14 9:11am

I grew up with a miniature schnauzer who was very smart. For the first several years of his life, he got the same Christmas present - a basket made of rawhide filled with various rawhide chews. When he was 5 or 6, we couldn't find such a thing anywhere, so he got something else. While we all opened our presents, he… » 10/23/14 11:50pm 10/23/14 11:50pm

My puppy man travels with me a lot. My husband and I take him on road trips; I take him on planes. He's very well behaved, though it sometimes causes him some anxiety, especially on road trips if we are at a rest stop and one of us gets out of the car. When I fly with him, he never makes a peep. The only time he has… » 10/23/14 8:49pm 10/23/14 8:49pm

If anyone wants to have a victim blaming rage stroke...

Then read the coverage about Darren Deon Vann, suspected serial killer in Gary, Indiana. The coverage is largely about how his victims put themselves in danger. See this Chicago Tribune story. His name isn't mentioned until the 5th paragraph. » 10/23/14 7:49pm 10/23/14 7:49pm

Me too! There is a couple I know that is VERY guilty of this... I grew up with the husband and knew his wife, too, but she's several years older than we are. So they post marriage problems on facebook and take polls about what other people think is "normal" for a marriage. They are going through a health crisis right… » 10/23/14 5:52pm 10/23/14 5:52pm

That has never happened to me and I use GrubHub a lot. The most annoying thing with GrubHub is when the restaurant is running late and you ask GrubHub for an updated delivery time, they often text you the original delivery time, which has already passed. » 10/23/14 3:38pm 10/23/14 3:38pm

Americans - question about your health care

Do you have a primary care physician? Is he/she the proprietor of his/her own practice, or part of a physicians' group, or affiliated with a local hospital system? How long does it take for you to get an appointment with him/her if you are sick and need to see a doctor? Have you ever been referred to Urgent Care… » 10/21/14 10:30am 10/21/14 10:30am

I like it! I like the way it plays with memory. It is like dueling memoirs in TV form. I have always considered the memoir a genre of half truths, because no one can remain objective - it is necessarily filtered through their perspective, their current world view as shaped by their past experiences. » 10/20/14 11:52pm 10/20/14 11:52pm