Americans - question about your health care

Do you have a primary care physician? Is he/she the proprietor of his/her own practice, or part of a physicians' group, or affiliated with a local hospital system? How long does it take for you to get an appointment with him/her if you are sick and need to see a doctor? Have you ever been referred to Urgent Care… » 10/21/14 10:30am Today 10:30am

I like it! I like the way it plays with memory. It is like dueling memoirs in TV form. I have always considered the memoir a genre of half truths, because no one can remain objective - it is necessarily filtered through their perspective, their current world view as shaped by their past experiences. » 10/20/14 11:52pm Yesterday 11:52pm

The California bar exam results "expiring" doesn't even make sense. If you pass, you pass, you get sworn in. You don't take it a second time. I have never heard of results "expiring"? Maybe it's a California bar thing that I don't know about since I don't practice there. » 10/20/14 5:19pm Yesterday 5:19pm

I gave Green Zebra three chances and each time, I had horrible service. As bad as yours. They just do not make service a priority. I once had a 2.5 hour two course meal there on a Monday when it was not crowded. I prefer Mana on Division for vegetarian restaurants around there. » 10/20/14 10:08am Yesterday 10:08am

I had a friend who was the same way and ultimately, I couldn't take the constant drama. She would ask me for advice, I would give it, she would ignore it, and then she would fall apart over thr easily anticipated consequences. She needed a therapist's help, not mine, but she wouldn't go back to therapy. I ended my… » 10/20/14 12:42am Yesterday 12:42am

I started on continuous BC for the same reasons and my tits are out of control. I also gained like 8 pounds without doing anything differently, though, so thaaat sucks. I've been wondering if the weight gain is due to the continuous BC because it started around that time. » 10/18/14 9:25pm Saturday 9:25pm

I was so fed up with my current job (last day is Tuesday!) that I was worried I was being rude to my bosses at times. I had taken to being pretty explicit and straightforward about a lot of the problems with the firm, and I had started correcting one partner who got facts wrong all the time. The partner would always… » 10/18/14 4:17pm Saturday 4:17pm

I blame the stupid new tradition of inviting all out of town wedding guests to the rehearsal dinner for my husband not getting any on the wedding night. I didn't want to do that, but my husband did because all his friends did. It was like having 2 weddings on consecutive nights. I was so mentally and emotionally… » 10/18/14 4:06pm Saturday 4:06pm

That author sounds amazing! Since you wrote detective stuff, I will share with you a tip from a friend of a friend who is an award winning mystery writer: when she first got started, she started hanging around bars that cops were known to frequent. She made buddies with some older detectives who were happy to share… » 10/18/14 12:38pm Saturday 12:38pm

I am at home when I should have been on the road to a wedding. But I suddenly came down with the flu and am feverish with chills and grossness. I just ordered soup and a big salad on GrubHub. At least I'd already taken the day off to go the wedding. » 10/17/14 7:55pm Friday 7:55pm

Went to bed feeling like I might have a cold...

Woke up at 3 am with a fever, nausea, sore throat and almost passed out multiple times while trying to throw up in the bathroom. Guess I will be missing my dear friend's wedding out of state this weekend, because I am in no condition to drive a 12 hour round trip. I am so sad but can't cry because it would make it… » 10/17/14 4:26am Friday 4:26am

see also Tiara Groves of Chicago's Austin neighborhood, who was found dead, bound and gagged, but her death was reclassified to a noncriminal death investigation because by the time she was found, her body was too decomposed for the coroner to pinpoint cause of death. » 10/16/14 10:17pm Thursday 10:17pm