oh my god, did i go to law school with him? I once made the mistake of agreeing to.fix the resume of a guy i hate. We have a mutual friend, and the friend asked me to help this guy, so i did as a favor to my friend. The guy didnt say thanks.or acknowledge it at all for over a week. He only did eventually because i… » 4/18/14 6:00pm Yesterday 6:00pm

On a scale of "eh" to "asshole", how bad would this be?

I am supposed to go to Shabbat dinner at my fiance's cousins' house tonight. Typically, it's just the parents, but tonight, all their kids and grandkids are in town. They're Orthodox, so there are a whole lotta grandkids. That said - I've only ever met one of the kids & his children once. I've never met the other 2 kids … » 4/18/14 10:35am Yesterday 10:35am

Yeah, I am with everyone else: do it quickly and say nothing about her weight. Just tell her you don't feel a romantic connection. If she asks why, you can blame it on ephemera - there are plenty of reasons two people don't connect romantically other than weight / attraction. You can tell her that you can't put your… » 4/17/14 5:35pm Thursday 5:35pm

I am jealous that your assistant can print labels. Mine can only figure out how to type them on a typewriter. And even if I put a post-it on the document identifying what the name of the new file folder should be, she still can't figure it out. This is mostly because she is constantly on her cell phone if the partners… » 4/15/14 10:49am Tuesday 10:49am

A lot of my fights with my fiance boil down to my being an introvert and him being an extrovert. We had family from his side and family from my side in town this weekend, and we threw a party. By Sunday morning, I didn't want to be around people at all. I was so tired, even though I got a full 8 hours of sleep both… » 4/14/14 2:20pm Monday 2:20pm

Oh my god, I remember feeling that way when I was trying to get my last apartment in 2012. It was this amazing loft with a deck that was the entire length of the apartment, and it was priced waaaay under market for the neighborhood. It was a 2 bedroom and 1 bedrooms in the building were renting for $500 / month. It had … » 4/14/14 2:14pm Monday 2:14pm