About a year after I met my now-husband on OKC, he was on a trip for New Years Eve, and I was at a bar in our city. About 75% of the guys at the bar were on OK Cupid - either I recognized them or my friends did. It was such a singles scene. I bet everyone in the bar got laid that night. My two friends did. I went home… » 9/19/14 12:10am Today 12:10am

I have local counsel in another state where I am seeking pro hac vice admission (aka I am asking the state bar to admit me for the sole purpose of doing this one case).... local counsel is trying to steal my client. I hate him. And I am irritated with the prosecutor because she refuses to communicate with me, even as… » 9/18/14 12:36pm Yesterday 12:36pm

My wedding was no kids allowed. I addressed the navigations only to the couple and not "and family" and included a card with our wedding website URL, on which I put "no kids" in both the section for ceremony and reception details and a FAQ section. I said something like, "unfortunately, because of the limited space… » 9/17/14 8:42am Wednesday 8:42am

This is a horrible waste of resources. There is a phenomenal series of articles by the Chicago Tribune about how overworked CPS caseworkers and investigators are. It is such a shame that we have so many kids who are victims of actual abuse who fall through the cracks, but your kid does a normal thing for her age and… » 9/13/14 1:24am 9/13/14 1:24am

My husband and I just tell each other, "I can talk about this later, but right now I need about an hour of decompression time; it was a crazy day." Or "Is this urgent or can we handle it in the morning? My brain is basically dead from my crazy day at work and I wouldn't have any useful input. I just need a little… » 9/12/14 4:58pm 9/12/14 4:58pm

I am like your mom. I lose glasses a lot, but only temporarily. I keep old glasses in various drawers around my house so that if I've misplaced my current set, I can grab an old pair from the drawer and see marginally well enough to find them. » 9/12/14 12:00pm 9/12/14 12:00pm

I am shocked that Mulaney was referred to in your source article as "highly anticipated" - each time I see the commercials with the stupid fucking awful joke about women ordering fries, I wonder who gave that show the green light and bet it will last 5 episodes before getting cancelled. » 9/12/14 9:52am 9/12/14 9:52am